As I Saw It
Hardcover: 180 pages
ISBN: 978-0982388716

As I Saw It: The Inside Story of the Golden Years of Television is a fast-paced tour through the halls of NBC’s 30 Rock and CBS’s Black Rock in the days when television first staked its claim to be the dominant influence in American cultural life.

Through Dann’s eyes we follow the evolution of television, from the birth of the first full network schedule through the creation of shows such as Today and Tonight and the fall of prime-time giants such as The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

Along the way, Dann reveals never-before-told stories: Dave Garroway’s anger at being forced to work with a chimpanzee; how a power-crazed CBS network president seduced Judy Garland in his office; and why a fellow CBS executive may have been fed marijuana-laced cookies by a rebellious star.

Reveling in the drama and excitement of television’s golden years, Dann recounts the highs and lows of working with legends such as Mary Martin, Lucille Ball, Danny Kaye and Jackie Gleason, not to mention the pressure of working under broadcasting pioneers NBC chairman General David Sarnoff
and CBS chairman William S. Paley.

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